Comment on Quarterly settlement of funds & securities

Milind Srivastava commented on 18 Apr 2018, 11:14 AM

1) Firstly, whether the unused funds get utilised in an Mutual fund or get transferred to bank account should be left to the customer, and not Zerodha.

2) Last quarter, you guys had started a Mutual Fund wthout my request. Okay fine. I’d changed the option to ‘transfer the fund to bank account’. Now, from this quarter, you guys again started using the money in a mutual fund. Why? Last time around when I had complained, it was said that if I selected the ‘bank transfer’ option, from next quarter onwards, that would be followed, but you guys have again invested in an overnight fund.

Sorry but this is BS. I’ll honestly consider closing my account if this continues. I mean, sure you guys have low brokerage, but I’ll pay higher brokerage somewhere else if I don’t get the choice of knowing where my money is going.

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