Comment on We are now the 3rd largest stock broker in India

Tanmay commented on 16 Apr 2018, 03:39 PM

I must say I recognized this much before this day. I joined in 2011. I have tried other platform they sucked and charged high, I researched for some good platform, I am proud of my research. I recognize this company in the streaks of (Jio, Xiaomi, Tesla, AAP) i.e. breaking a corporate nexus, a long running trend, where nobody would choose to stride due to fear of failure. I must say ICICI and HDFC securities are nothing in front of you. Actually you are already ahead of them, since majority of their client base is converted from existing bank accounts user base.

Some key points I would like to bring where zerodha has been awesome.
1. Innovation. Hats off guys, the amount of innovation I see coming from you guys is mindblowing. (Varsity, coin, pi, streak, kite etc.)
2. Upgradation, upgradation. You never limited yourself to legacy systems, trying to uselessly scale them. Usually tech companies fail here. You changed your backoffice, desktop, mobile, web platform and kept on improving them)
3. No marketing, no useless calls, research reports etc., a Relationship manager sitting on my head telling me how and what to do.
4. Minimal fees.

Some things you definitely need to improve or can provide to become Indias unbeatable.
1. IPOs, IPOs pls (ICICI, HDFC 🙁 )
2. Option strategies, leg orders. (Currently none in India)
3. Advanced algorthmic execution orders. (Scaled, TWAP, VWAP, GTC, one click, depth scalper, etc.)(Currently none in India)
4. Glitches, margin reduction etc. during high volumes, volatility.
5. Cryptos (Not sure with current Indian/RBI stance, but if you have had it when iron was hot, boom, believe me man, you would have been one of the richest individuals of India, there would have been such a huge volume from India, and it is so easy to implement, what stops you.) (None of these HDFC, ICICI honchos and time and thinking of young generation.)


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