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Dipak Das commented on 13 Apr 2018, 12:23 PM

Dear Sir,

I want to invest ETF fund. But I do not know how to trade on various ETF, which are available on NSE. I have notice that some ETF scripts are available on Zerodha plate form such as (1) ICICInifty i.e. icici prudential Nifty ETF (2) SETFNIF50 i.e. SBI ETF nifty (3) BHARATIWIN i.e. BHARAT22 ETF. Kindly inform me the following query-

(i) Can I trade on these scripts just like a equity cash.
(ii) What is the Brokerage charges
(iii) Is there any expire date on these scripts, like option trading
(iii) Is there any lot size for buying & Selling.
Thank you
Dipak Das
Client ID : YV7915
[email protected]

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