Comment on We are now the 3rd largest stock broker in India

Aarav commented on 11 Apr 2018, 02:52 PM

Hi Nitin, Karthik, Hannan.

I still remember when I opened my account last year & when I spoke to Hannan Delvi in 2013 to come on board and join your mission, still nascent and getting bootstrapped.

This is testament how good product platform speaks for itself and how the power of varsity is coming into play for clients. And Zerodha hasn’t spent a single penny on marketing. Power of WoM. Go figure.
And to challenge behemoths like HDFC, ICICI. More power to you guys. Hats off.
I’m sure a lot of disruption is due in thr next decade once blockchain technologies enter the industry but you guys are nothing short of a wonder story. Cheers.
Wish you all the best.

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