Comment on We are now the 3rd largest stock broker in India

KIRAN BHAVE commented on 11 Apr 2018, 02:09 PM

Great achievement!

Dear Nithin! You’ve shown it to the world that Simplicity is most powerful than any Empire.

The unique model you’ve created in this area is the sustainable growth.
Other giants in broking are struggling to understand how a company can sustain with almost no brokerage! In fact, the taxes are more than the brokerage with Zerodha! Hats off to you! These giants thought that the discount brokerage firms will collapse on their own and cannot sustain.

But you’ve marvelled the path for yourself with phenominal use of technology and creative business model to bring in win-win situation for your clients – investors/traders and the business itself.

Though I’m just having association of 3 months, I really see the personal painstaking efforts in each of the client interface you have developed/created.

I haven’t seen such robust systems even with these giant brokerage hungry companies.

You have crossed Sharekhan and that actually makes you No.1 because HDFC and ICICI has a very wide PAN India exposure and access to largest customer base through variety of financial businesses – mainly through banking.

Best wishes to you and Zerodha team.
Celebrating success along with you

Kiran Bhave

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