Comment on New STT and CTT rates

Shahina Mohibi commented on 08 Apr 2018, 02:08 PM

Dear Nithin Sir,

Myself Shahina Mohibi, new to Zerodha. This Friday (06/04/2018) was my first trading day, with Zerodha. It was a good experience, but a little confusion with reference to STT calculations.

Trade details for Equity-intraday transactions on 06/04/2018
Qty: 2
Buy: 562
Sell: 562.5

Qty: 1
Buy: 1184.1
Sell: 1185.1

Turnover for STT calculation: (562.5*2 + 1185.1) = 2310.1

STT: [0.00 ] as per
STT: [0.58 ] as per (0.025% on the sell side / Equity Intraday)
STT: [1.0 ] as per contract note received

Please advise.

Looking forward to many more trading days with Zerodha, with much bigger orders, increase in confidence and support from the Zerodha Team.

Shahina Mohibi

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