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Animesh Roy commented on 05 Apr 2018, 04:28 PM

Dear Sir,

Since the official inception of Kite 3 most of the Kite users(including me) facing continuous problems as of my Knowledge.Till date I have mailed(Zerodha Support & complaints department) & called customer service so many times.But all are in vain.Neither the customer service nor the technical team providing any solutions. They are indifferent on the issues I’m facing.
More surprisingly one of the customer service representative( introduced himself as Mr. Shivkumar) dropped my calls & behaved like he is unable to get my voice when he was unable to solve the issue.It may be a reason that Zerodha does not getting trading revenues from a small trader like me. As the customer service re-preservative(told his name Mr. Shivkumar) took my system through “anydesk” & trying to resolve my issues & also showed his concern on my trading balance, which was quiet surprising . If I assume the mentioned representative has not dropped my call, then he might contact me from his end as I tried to contact thrice .

My humble request to you , please show your concern over these small matters too as we have still faith on You & Zerodha.

Hopeful to get immediate resolutions.

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