Comment on Latest updates - March 2018

Rhishikesh Agashe commented on 02 Apr 2018, 07:48 PM

I am finding it difficult to trade using Kite after the merging of Kite 3 with it. I had moved to Kite 3 the day it was announced and found it immensely helpful, however after the merging of Kite and Kite3, I am facing the following issue on a regular basis:

1. Kite has become slow. When I click on a particular Stock for viewing its chart, it takes a few seconds to display it properly, which for an intraday trader like me is proving to be costly.

2. I have saved numerous views for view different technical analysis parameters on a chart and I am unable to see them many a times. I need to log off and re logon to view them.

3. In case of popping out of various charts into new windows the saved views are not visible, so getting the technical parameters in place for each and every chart is a tedious, time consuming and literally lossy process.

4. Even if I open up a 15 min chart, I see 1 Day charts opening up and I have to re-adjust them to 15 min charts for each and every chart that I open. It carries on previous settings on the chart and does not let me adjust to the new settings.

Overall, there’s still a lot to be done to get this merged code up and running again to a level comparable to Kite3.
Please do the needful asap.

Thanks and Regards,
Rhishikesh Agashe

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