Comment on Tax loss harvesting opportunity - FY 2017/18

Ranikalai commented on 02 Apr 2018, 04:50 PM

Dear Nitin,
First of all I want to appreciate u for your efforts (kite 3.0 , UPI, Support portal ) to take Zerodha to high levels. I have referred and recommended Zerodha to many of my friends and family members & many are using Zerodha.

Very sad to say this, Now a days there are errors in the Contract notes especially while SELLING the options and also the average price is being adjusted wrongly while the sell position was carry forwarded.
I have mentioned about the issue to the support team via phone and also by ten days time span I have raised Two Tickets about the issues.
Ticket N0: #20180321398351 on March 21 2018 while selling options I made a profit of nearly Rs 7000. But profit money was not added to my account instead they deducted money nearly Rs 7000. I called the support team they argued regarding it , as I had trust and confident on Zerodha I thought myself there was some mistake on my side. After that I had closely watched my trading activities.
Again the problem happened on March 28 2018 I raised compliant Ticket NO :#20180328347323 this time I made a profit of nearly Rs 9000. Instead of crediting profit to my account they send me a contract note that I made a loss of Rs 11880.
Before days if we write to Support team they used to analyse the problem and the reply will be in a prompt manner. While I sent the problem they telling the difference between Option Buying & selling. As I m bit experienced in trading, so only I m selling the options. The reply I got from support team was annoying and unacceptable, while the average price problem happened initially the support team didn’t accept it, later the problem was corrected. Now a days these things forced me to take screen shots daily because the support team always denies when there is a error.
Now a days I m always facing problem in selling options in terms of Average price and booking profit. Daily making calls to the support team and sending mails which is very tried during hectic trading sessions .I hope u can understand how difficult it is in a traders point of view.
Please do take necessary action as earlier as possible as i m daily representing to the support team either through phone or mail.


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