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Neeraj commented on 29 Mar 2018, 08:59 AM

Dear Mr Nithin Karmath

It’s a matter of great pain that zerodha is continuesly defaulting on releasing payments in last 3 days.

On 26th march 8.30 am I have made a withdrawal request which was under the limit of as per the available balance but even after 48 hours I have not received any payments, when I called yesterday I was assured that my payments are under process but I didnt received any payments. I called again they said I hv raised a hi priority ticket u will receive a call on it urgently, no call came, I called third time they said reduce the withdrawal amount payment would be cleared today itself. I reduced the amount but today also I have received a message of denial of an amount which is much lesser and which was never requested… It may be a IT glitch from your end but you have made a big dent to my image and reputation. I have sold all my shares even at much lower prices to make my payments within this financial year but zerodha has fraudulently not cleared my withdrawal request till now and I am subject to default due to you, I am subject to penalty with my obligations.

I need my withdrawal in the first hour of banking today and I also need an explanation for the default of zerodha.

Awaiting a prompt response,

Neeraj Agrawal

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