Comment on UPI, now live at Zerodha

AKD commented on 28 Mar 2018, 09:49 PM

Dear Zerodha,

Congratulations! It’s nice to see a new process added for money transfer into trading account.
But what about withdrawal? Forget about instant withdrawal request, you guys don’t permit your clients to place withdrawal request upto 8:45 am (in Equity segment) like other brokers (e.g. Upstox/RKSV, SAS etc.)! The most painful thing is that, in Zerodha the withdrawal cut-off time is 8:30 pm and one has to be extreeeemly lucky if his/her ledger is been updated on or before that time in the evening of that day. Generally….very rare. So if one wishes to take out his/her own profit of that day or the total, it’ll be close to impossible.

So, I’m requesting you, please change the cut-off time of placing withdrawal request (Equity segment) from evening 8:30 pm to morning 8:30 am. It’ll immensely help us as a client to get some more time to plan/place/modify our withdrawal request. Please think…..if not instant, give us a little more time.

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