Comment on Tax loss harvesting opportunity - FY 2017/18

Vikas commented on 27 Mar 2018, 03:41 PM

As per my understanding of the information on STGC on the website. If you’re income is less than the taxable limit, STGC will be adjusted in the personal exemption slab and only the value exceeding the exemption limit will be taxed at 15%.

Eg1 : if your income from other sources is zero and the STCG is 2lakh then you’ll have to pay zero tax as it’s less than 2.5L slab.

Eg2: your income from other sources is 2L and your STCG is 75K. Here the total will come up to 2.75L. So for anyone below the age of 60years, 25k is exceeding the exemption slab of 2.5L. So in this case STCG tax of 15% plus cess will be levied on the excess 25000rs.

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