Comment on UPI, now live at Zerodha

Priyank Nevatia commented on 27 Mar 2018, 01:02 AM

There could not be a better example than this …

Wednesday 28th March is the last trading day in March 2018 (financial year ending) also F&O expiry. Well now a lot of traders will be in a dilemma of should they withdraw funds on Tuesday and get the same in their banks on Wednesday or should they use those funds to trade on Wednesday. But if they choose to trade on Wednesday, they wont have access to that cash till Saturday (provided banks are open) and if not Saturday, they will have to wait till Tuesday 3rd April to get the funds in their banks. Now only if Zerodha allowed instant withdrawal as well, traders could have traded till 330pm on Wednesday and then requested a cashout to have the funds in their banks to use for the rest of the week while markets and banks are shut.

Makes sense ?

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