Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Niranjan commented on 01 Nov 2014, 12:23 PM

Dear Nitin
First of all thank you for trying to provide us a world class platform for trading & giving me this opportunity to test the latest version of Pi. I have tested it & feed backs are as follows:


During installation it shows some problem but it is fixed by your IT department.

After logging out of the Pi while I am trying to login again my anti-virus shows trojen in the set up file & it fails to start so I couldn’t login into it. Again I have tried to re install it but it shows same problem. Now I can’t login in to Pi.

My observation in my first login:
1. The downloading of scripts for first time took very long time.
2. Theme & market watch is fine
3. Buying selling option in the chart itself & quick buy/sell is very good
4. Daily & weekly charts shows blank window
5. Sometimes intraday chart shows less no of candles than mentioned. e.g. If I look for 1000 candles of 15 minutes it only shows candles of last 2 days.

Suggestions for Improvement

1. To see a chart we have to right click & select chart but if it could have any shortcut key or symbol on tool bar it would be better
2. If I want to change the time frame of a script, every time I have to go to the market watch window, open the chart & set the time. It is bit lengthy. The chart window shall have option for setting time for chart period.
3. For drawing on a chart we have to go to the tools tab on the main bar, searching the required tools there & then draw on the chart. If the symbol of all useful drawing tools would be available on the chart window/menu bar it would be better.
4. For clearing drawing there is an option of clear all drawing but for clearing selective drawing there is no option.
5. Zoom in zoom out is ok but moving right, left on the chart is bit tough. If drags can be used to move left or right and cursor for zoom in & out it would be better.
6. While moving cursor over the candles it shall show open, high, low, close & time of the candle. Now it shows when I press the left click over a candle.
7. Indicators opened in second & subsequent series shall have a cross button for closing instead right click, select & delete series.
8. In the drop-down list of indicators arranged alphabetically. So while typing first letter of an indicator it shall directly goes to there but now I have to move the cursor up and down to go there.
9. Back test/Scripted alert creation window should have an ability to use a find symbol window, like the one in scanner, instead of typing whole symbol name
10. During back testing of a strategy instead of only showing buy or sell symbol in the chart if it would show all the indicators (plotted on first series/over the candles) involved in the strategy on the main chart it will help to further filter our strategy.
11. In the neural network tab there is option for pattern recognition such as double top, flag etc but it is not showing a clear image. If useful candle stick patterns like doji, hammer could be added to the list it would be helpful.
12. Some useful tools like pivot point, Fibonacci extension, super trend etc. are found missing from the list.

I will bring to your notice if any other observation will come to me in near future. Thank you. Now I request you to officially release its 1st version asap as many of us are eagerly waiting for it since a long time. You can modify the suggestions in latter version.

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