Comment on Latest updates - March 2018

Himanshu commented on 24 Mar 2018, 04:22 PM

Congrats to the Zerodha team. I have been zerodha exclusive , would like to continue to do so. On the intraday trader’s forums there have been a lot complaints regarding reliability issues of the trading platforms / infrastructures. Hope, those get resolved soon.

A few suggestions for Pi though….
1. It should be multithreaded, gets very slow on my i5 laptop, if I am using multiple scrip in watchlist, and around 12 charts open simultaneously. Can see only one processor core being used.
2. The plethora of options available for Co and BO on kite should also be made available on Pi.

Other suggestions:
1. Introduction of VTC/GTC orders for low frequency trading.
2. A cross platform trading app…would love to have a trading app that runs on Linux.

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