Comment on Introducing smallcase — Invest in ideas

Trinadh Kumar Narayana commented on 21 Mar 2018, 05:44 PM

Few more Queries,

1. Can We convert cases at any time..? If yes how much would I be charged?
2. Difference Between Mutual Funds and Small case?
3. Advantages of Investing in Small case instead of Coin?
4. Will I get Units credited to my account(like Mutual Funds) or Shares Credited?
5. Will zerodha charge me for Charges like SEBI charges, NSE/BSE charges, Brokerage, GST, Transation Fee. If yes when(Buy/Sell)??
6. How do i get the return (Increase in the value of Investment/ Direct credit to Bank A/c)
7. Is this a single Lumpsum Investment or SIP (Do I have SIP plans also..?)
8. Any Tax benfits?
9. Do Zerodha revise the portfolio constantly based on market conditions?
10. Will I get the benfits of Dividends & Bonus Issued by the companies in my portfolio. (if yes how would the benfit passed on to me)?

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