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Y Dharma teja commented on 01 Nov 2014, 07:53 AM

Dear Nitin,

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to test the latest version of Pi. I am really happy as a zerodha customer. Hatsoff to you for trying to provide a world class trading software to your clients and thanks to your I.T team also for their best efforts.

Installation point of view

As per the link mentioned in my back office it was the version and released on 31-07-2014. I have downloaded from the latest link given on 31-07-2014 and uninstalled earlier version and removed the old zerodha folder from ā€˜Cā€™ drive and installed new version, but it was showing Further it was not asking me the new licence key at the time of installation which is provided in my back office.

01. Charts are loading fastly i.e within 5 seconds when compare to earlier version.
02. Stability improved. No frequent crashes like earlier with in every 20 to 30 minutes.
03. Charts are looking very much nice and less strain on our eyes.
04. Easily drag and drop multicharts in single window is very good, I never seen in any other trading software even in amibroker also which is the benchmark software in industry.

Necessary Requirements
01. Bracket orders along with SL-M fecility.
02. Charts should always available even in non working hours and holidays.
03. Charts are not appearing correctly in first 10 to 15 minutes in older version but not checked in new version. In a minute chart, even after 10 minutes It was showing single candle.
04. Dragging the horizontal line to any place. Option to move on change the figure in properties of horizantal line to move the desired place just like Meta trader.
05. Drawing toolbar for chart like amibroker. Due to chart refresh selected option should not go except right mouse click.
(Due to chart refreshing drawing trendline from right click is not easy. When we click on draw trendline and coming to the point where I should start, immediately that option goes due to chart refresh. In other softwares that option will not go due to chart refresh, only when we click right mouse again it will go.)

I will bring to your notice if any other points come in to my observation in near future. Thank you.

Y.Dharma Teja

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