Comment on Introducing Streak - Algo trade without coding

Vijay commented on 17 Mar 2018, 05:21 PM

Thanks to Zerodha for giving such a great tool to retail investors. I was using this for last 3 – 4 days and would like to highlight these feedback.

1. 200 backtest is too less. At least for paid version you should increase to 500. Is there a possibility make it 1400 per week? Right now it resets every day. In case I did not use 200 in a day, it is gone. Can we accumulate it and reset on a weekly basis instead of daily basis?
2. Is it possible to refer a higher time frame candles in conditions? I want to trigger a bullish condition in 30 minutes only if 1 hour is in bullish. Is it possible?
3. Why should we have to deploy MIS algos daily? Once I deploy, it should be in deployed status till I manually stop it.
4. There should be a provision to ignore an alert. If a buy alert generated and then we look at the chart and decided not to take it, it should be possible to ignore. Now, if I cancel it, the algo stops and I have to deploy it again.
5. While backtesting, is there a possibility to show the percentage profit in each transactions. This will help us to identify issues easily and tweak them.
6. Currently it allows only the number of shares. Many time we will go with a fixed amount. For ex. If I have 1 Lakh, i may want to invest 20,000 in 5 different shares. Can we specify the amount instead of number of shares.
7. Will it be possible to enable/disable Exit criteria and entry criteria? This will help us to quickly backtest and tweak the algo.
8. Order type is always defaulting to MIS. This is not correct. It should have the last selected value. If I tweaked algo and press backtest button, it always uses MIS and if I am testing for 10 stocks basket, I lost 10 counts from todays quota of 200. Keep the order type in both create algo page and result page.
8. Same with period also.
9. There is some bug when you enter number values in criteria. Sometimes it gets stuck and we have to delete the algo and recreate it.
10. Can we deploy alogs in basket level? Even if you create a basket of 20 stocks, currently the deployment happens in stock level. I have to manage 20 deployments which is cumbersome.
11. A deployed algo should never stop automatically. Many times i see it with a comment algo completed and it stops. Again we have to redeploy it. It should stop only when I manually stop it.
12. Algo page should to redesigned. Currently it displays just one algo with details in the left side. There is lots of real estate wasted in the right side. We have to keep scrolling one by one which is a pain.
13. We should have search functionality in algo page.
14. Is it possible to link the zerodha chart from here? That will be very helpful.

Thanks a lot to Zerodha for this initiative.

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