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RV3608 commented on 16 Mar 2018, 05:30 PM

Today I bought B.nifty @24820 after hitting sell order I kept ‘L’ order (instead of ‘SL’ , erroneously I kept ‘L’) @24690 (with some modifications took place in between on value) when Market was @ 24830, but later market went down below 24690 but didn’t execute my order sell [email protected], I noticed that its going into losses further, I @market price(24594.55).
My concern is though I made an error by keeping ‘L’ instead ‘SL’ it didn’t execute @24690, so I have lost additional 96 points for no reasons…
I made 3 calls to understand this but your employees were unable to explains this and abruptly they disconnected my calls stating ‘signal problem’ ..after 4th call Mr.Vivek attended and escalated to seniors who told that because of volatility in B.nifty it had happened and better to keep some ‘spread’ to avoid this…

and this is not the first time happened this time I took seriously ..had you people nurtured us about this kind of possible errors which could happen we can save lot of money and can trade regularly too. One way I believe this is a system error too..

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