Comment on Introducing Streak - Algo trade without coding

Revanth Kl commented on 14 Mar 2018, 06:48 PM

I would like to appreciate the efforts of zerodha/Streak team to make algo trading available to retail traders. I was trying to do back testing using one of my strategies based on day candles. I had observed the following while writing the algo/backtesting.

1. I want to put a condition that today volume at 3:15 pm shall be more than last 10 days EMA of volume which is not available at present. Is there any chance to add this feature in future.
2. While back testing based on 1 day candle, the alerts are generated at 9:15 am in the next morning after the day signal is generated. Is there any chance to generate a signal at around 3:15 pm if the conditions of the algo are met so that we can enter the position on the same day instead of next morning.
3. The number of candle stick patterns are very limited. Is there any chance to add other patterns like marubozu, hammer, hanging man etc in future.
4. If i want to make a buy trade based on the engulfing pattern, is there any option to put a condition that last 7/10 days trend should be downward.

Will be grateful if u can reply on the above. Please reply

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