Comment on Introducing Streak - Algo trade without coding

Raj S commented on 12 Mar 2018, 05:43 PM

Hello Streak,

The web based interface is amazing, and back-testing is fast. There are two things which are needed for better trading results:

(1) Trailing Stop Loss: Any trading system lacking TSL will not give optimum results. Cut the losses short, but let your profitable trades win. So please do add option for TSL.

(2) Stop Loss based on ATR and other parameters, not just %: Stop Loss is where the bottomline or business expenses are realized. Please work on Stop Loss flexibility, that is more important to any profitable trader.

(3) Ability to place trades with timing of market: I avoid trading during first and last 30 minutes, this helps me avoid getting stop hunted. I bet you’d understand that intraday is all about timing, and so do add timing filter for trades.


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