Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

vinesh kumar commented on 31 Oct 2014, 04:02 PM

dear nithin sir
i am living in a small town ,here the availibilty of internet is very bad ,we do not have 3G or broadband network here, we are working on 2G network . Nest trader , odin , nse-now works well here, i can run two instances of them and browser based real time charts at a time fluently with no problem .
now the problem with PI is that it take 35 minutes to download symbols ,when i LOG IN PI at 2:30 it completed downloading on 3:05, meanwhile at 3:20i get disconnected from net and PI also closed , i relogin at 3:25 and it is still downloading symbols now at 3:51 and market is closed in between. how can i work ?
now my question is that if i disconnected 10 times then it will eat up 5 hours for downloading symbols . please guide me
i think the problem is
1) it is not saving scripe file which it downloaded
2) do not prompt which exchange scripe to download
3) at first glimpse in 10 minutes i also found that it is using two times more bandwidth then nest trader
yeh there it completed downloading 4:01pm
please help in this issue

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