Comment on Charting - Pi

manjusha commented on 08 Mar 2018, 07:55 AM

After seeing all the earlier queries made about charting and the present condition of charts in Pi , my question is “are you neglecting Pi users?”. There is no doubt there are several excellent facilities made available in Pi. But the basics have to be made simple. Like a previous comment made in this section , i too am forced to keep sharekhans Trade tiger chart opened while trading in Pi because in share khan i simply have to click on a candle and a horizontal line comesup and the price and date are highlighted at the ends whereas in your software one has to ‘ very carefully hover the mouse over the candle and read the values given in the box . slightest movement changes the value and you end up making a wrong trade . in a small box , all the values in small fonts, dates in a mistakeable format like 02/03/2017 ( not like Mar -02) and again microscopic hand movement while reading the values in the box and all values change. Its as if Pi requires high precision unlike trade tiger where you can simply click on any position to get the the values high lighted. Renko charts i dont know why u people make it complicated . If one gives the Brick size as 1,2,5 or any number let it show the charts accordingly like the Renko charts in Trade tiger . Here the less said better. The people who have designed the software for you either has concentrated more on the complexities and have ignored the simple basics. Pls look into it.

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