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James007 commented on 03 Mar 2018, 06:15 PM

How ZERODHA runs on thinner margin?


1. Zerodha has a Yearly AMC of Rs. 300/-
2. Zerodha’s COIN has monthly charges of Rs. 50 per month when once the investment through coin crosses more than 25000. i.e. Rs. 600/- per annum. (inspite of the fact that if the amount invested comes to less than 25k like in case of withdrawal even then charges of Rs. 50 will be levied)

3. Zerodha’s SCREENER PRO comes with a 14 day free trial. But majority of the screeners will come in premium mode hence user needs to get a premium access. SCREENER PRO comes with a cost of Rs. 100 per month i.e. Rs. 1200/- per annum. (better to use NSE / BSE Website / Money control website that offers this at free of cost.

4. MIS/BO/CO Orders if not covered by User at the proper time and if Zerodha’s RMS team (System work) does that then it will be considered a Call and Trade. Hence Rs. 20 per trade.
Now the DELIVERY EQUITY Trades are free. But the Intraday trades / Commodity / FNO trades are charged at 0.01% of trade or maximum Rs. 20.

Even if a general trader cum investor trades through MIS/BO/CO orders and he is not closing his position then due to Call and trade feature activated on this mechanism Zerodha earns Rs. 20 for doing the system work which helps actually them to abide by norms. Majority of users will use BO / CO / MIS orders so that more quantity can be traded with small margin amount also which majority of brokers are providing.
Even if you don’t do Intraday trading /commodity / currency / FNO trading, you have to shell out Rs. 2100/- per annum (Rs. 300/- + Rs. 600/- + Rs. 1200/-) using coin (more than 25k investment) and SCREENING with PRO platform.

I hope this is DOUBLE CHARGES than the MOST CHARGING BROKING FIRM in the industry.

Wanna try this ….Just post a negative comment on their Z Connect blog and take a screenshot with date and time. You will be surprised to see that the link will be removed on priority basis and you will not be able to see that your post again.
Zerodha Kite / PI has got a history to remain inactive / dormant / hanged on more important days. Few people says that atleast their CEO is giving OPEN apology. But my question is WHETHER ZERODHA IS REFUNDING THE LOSSES WHICH HAS OCCURRED TO THEIR CLIENTS ON THOSE IMPORTANT DAYS? The answer is NO…(Please note that since I am not an intraday trader that does not make me more sense….but a Top Rated broking firm should first create proper technology support (Bandwidth / Server down/ glitch are not acceptable) rather than launching several products to lure the customers….

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