Comment on Kite 3.0 - Everything just got better!

Ashish Sharma commented on 02 Mar 2018, 04:24 PM

Please consider the point on Universal Context Menu. There is absolutely no need for those three dots “…” , Its not culttering the noise, in fact it is the noise!
There are 3 menus that come on the hovering the dots,
1.Pin – these can be removed, instead you can directly make the two Pin positions editable. Anyways people will rarely do this.
2.Popout chart and 3. Stock Widget – both these are great and must exist. If you remove the dots we will get 1 place and 2nd place can be obtained by either decreasing the buttons size by 1-2 pixels or increasing the length of hover menu by 1 button size.

Remove the three dots and copy-paste the extact code from watchlist context menu that you have after having the mentioned updates. 🙂

There are some confusions over how the Realized profits is calculated, it looks it ignores the profit gained by options. Anyways I will include this point after having a call with customer care. But please consider the suggestions I have mentioned in the above 2 msgs.

Thanks & Regards,
Ashish Sharma

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