Comment on Intro to "Q" - next generation backoffice system

kushal commented on 27 Feb 2018, 01:39 PM

I’m puzzeled as to why is the bank account linking process so complicated at Zerodha. I’be trying to link it for the last 2 WEEKS!!. There is no option to do this online. I had to visit a branh and submit the documents. After waiting for a week I got an email saying that they need mother’s name. After I called and provide the information, no action was taken. I had to call them a few times again and then someone created a ticket for me. A lady replied on the ticket that the MICR code has ‘expired’ on the check provided. I dont know if this was an excuse to close the ticket, but she closed the ticket without waiting for my response. After all this back and forth and wasting hours on the phones, I still dont know what is happening. They insist on an MICR code for a non-MICR branch! I’ve used the same check to update my account at 3 other brokerages, and I didn’t have any problems. Your competitors can get this process done in 2-3 business days. Really poor.

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