Comment on Introducing Streak - Algo trade without coding

Streak commented on 24 Feb 2018, 09:47 PM

Hi Ishaq ,

Thank you for the feedback.
1 . If you have allowed browser notification, if the website is closed and the browser is kept open you will get notified.
We have released a notification app on playstore.
2.The platform is built to terminate the algo if you cancel a notification because algo deployment is limited to 50
3.The MIS algos have a life span of one day, i.e., it gets terminated at 3:15After which you can see it in the stopped section.
However CNC/Overnight algos have a longer life span and are carried forward to the next day till the cycle is completed.
4.Streak is an algo trading platform. All order placed through streak are tracked by Streak bots. However if you add or modify positions manually through Kite, these bots do not track them.

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