Comment on Zerodha Partner Program - Refer Clients

Fahad commented on 21 Feb 2018, 08:03 PM

Hi Sir,
I am associate partner, I want you people to please create some (book) which contains rules and regulation about associate partner program. Whenever something happens and we ask our sales manager about it, she comes up with new rule. I would like to share one incident, I have been opening account but I haven’t received my share for collecting forms and couriering it, while I asked my manager I got reply that zerodha has stopped paying for form pick up and form courier. So I urge to please make rule book, as well as I request you to please give required share for form pick up and form courier. I would appreciate if you initiate payments for the documents which I had picked up and couriered.
As well as there are many unfair deal for mapping lead.

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