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r s nair commented on 21 Feb 2018, 11:40 AM

Recently joined in zerodha. i have something to tell about kite ,the marketwatch. We can add 100 stocks in a total of 5 marketwatch pages. But they are inter related. you can sort the content in a single marketwatch. be not able to move one from one page to other. this causes discomfort when we want to see a stock while on trading hours, it takes lot of time to find out the stock of my preference. by the time i find the stock the opportunity might have missed.
so what i want to suggest is make the market watch pages interconnected. when we sort , it should sort the order in all the five marketwatch pages together. so that we can get the stocks in alphabetical order. if it is not possible for any reason. i want to suggest that the first page should have the search area. subsequent pages will not. and there should be provision for moving one stock from one page to another.whenever we add a new stock it should appear in the first page only. then if there are already 20 stocks, when we add a new one the last one of the page should automatically move to the next page to give room for the new one to accommodate in the first page.

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