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Suvojit commented on 18 Feb 2018, 12:17 AM

Hello sir I am suvojit I am want to open an account in zerodha just for buying an penny stocks group bse listed under 10 rs stocks … I have an account in 5paisa and prostock before account opening the broker told me that I can buy all kind of group penny stocks .but after I open an account the broker not allowed to buying those stocks I also willing to provide 100% cash for buying penny stocks.. I mail zerodha customer care at 10.2.18 ur team member told me that I provide him the stock name group and bse code at market opening hours so he Chick live and reply me confam me that I have buying parmision those kind of group penny stocks at zerodia account. Therefore I sand this mail and provide bse listed stocks code and group and name .. So u Chick it properly and give me 100% asuarance for allowed to buying at my zerodia account 1.regent enterprises bes code 512624 group xt 2.neha international bse code 519560 group ss drive bse code 530703 group x ..sir plz chik in .. In live market and reply me then .. Can I buy those co in zerodha account ..chike in care fully then reply me properly plz reply me sir

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