Comment on Basket Orders - ZT

Lakshman commented on 16 Feb 2018, 10:31 PM

Dear Mr Kamath,
Pls help me answering these.
1. Can we load Index & Stock options (Calls & Puts) in a Basket? or Is it that a basket allows just Stocks?
2. Is there any minimum value for a Basket to get placed? If so, is such limit reckoned for the basket as a whole or minimum value is looked at for each line item (each individual Scrip or Option) in the basket
3. I request that Minimum limit for placing a basket order should be fixed for the basket as a whole. I agree that if you allow like this, people may misuse by placing 1 shares or 2 shares but if you take the case of Options, I think you must consider allowing the minimum value as ONE lot per each line item subject to a MINIMUM amount of the TOTAL basket value as a whole.
4. How many line items are allowed in a basket?

Shall appreciate if you could copy paste my questions in your reply box and give your replies under each point. Cheers 🙂

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