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Meghal commented on 13 Feb 2018, 07:10 PM

Dear Nithin,
My Zerodha ID XD1621
I am an NRI customer from Qatar. want to give you honest opnion about your customer care. It sucks. I am really struggling. BO Sub status in CMR is NRE-Non-Reptriable, while all forms that filled plus the PIS account I am linking is NRE-Repatriable PIS. I wrote 2 to three times but nothing concrete gets done.

Also now I have been asked to fill forms where I also give authorization for Zerodha to debit from my own NRE- non PIS account. I want ZERODHA control only on my PIS account. I don’t feel safe to give you guys full control of all my life savings.

I am fed up and almost giving up on start using ZERODHA and go back to other traditional brokers like HDFCSec

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