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Abhinav Chauhan commented on 08 Feb 2018, 07:30 PM


Today, i bought a Option of ACC18FEB1560PE @ Rs 34, and i used Stop Loss with Price Rs. 32 and Trigger Price Rs. 32 (I generally take same Stop Loss Price and Trigger Price) then, price fell but my order SL did not executed and i tried to exit at market, i tried 4-5 times but it did not executed, it was showing error ”RMS:Blocked for OPTSTK MKT nse_fo broker- ZERODHA Remarks: Option Stock market orders are not allowed block type: ALL”. Then, i applied limit for the same, lower than actual price then it was executed. I lost my hard earned money. Please review and clarify where i am doing mistake? and What should be in my favour?

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