Comment on Intro to "Q" - next generation backoffice system

Soumitra commented on 07 Feb 2018, 08:03 PM

Hi Nithin,
I am new to Zerodha. I am having a query regarding the Aadhaar option in Q. Since I am already KRA verified, I didn’t have to go through IPV during my account opening process in Kite. But as I explored Q, I saw the “Aadhaar” option in the top-right hand side corner drop-down menu. I thought it is a separate process to link my Aadhaar with Q. So I clicked it and found out that it is meant for Aadhaar linking. I filled up all details and went through the IPV process here. Then I thought, probably I didn’t need to do this, since I am already KRA verified. So, will there be any problem due to that?
And there should be an option to let the users know that their accounts are already Aadhaar linked once someone clicks the “Aadhaar” option in Q.

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