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Nandakishore Seshadri commented on 25 Jan 2018, 12:51 PM

Dear Mr Nithin Kamat,

I am writing to you so that you can put some accountability on your support/Helpdesk team and make them realise that customer service should be the key for developing any business.

After opening online account with Zerodha only recently I received “Central KYC Registry Record” and to my surprise I see that somebody else’s photograph is uploaded. Very meticulosly the same day attaching my correct Photograph I raised a ticket (NO:936746) with Zerodha Support, However they forwarded to helpdesk team with a new Ticket (NO: 456418).

Then after a week to 10days time I get a response that in 4-5 working days the CKYC record will be updated. However it has been over a month now they have not sent me the updated record.

Later I contacted CKYCIndia to enquire if the record is updated, however they inform that record is not updated.
I am mailing to and fro now to your Support team/ Your Helpdesk team/ and Complaints, so that the matter is sorted out ASAP and peacefully I can resume my trading. However this simple problem/issue is still pending and not solved.

I am pained to mention that Zerodha support / Helpdesk team has once again come back to square one. Every day I make a phone call to the support team asking for some senior person to call back and by end of day there is no response.

I would request you to intervene and sort out this matter ASAP. Kindly ask any of your senior helpdesk / support team member to arrange a call back and understand the problem and communicate with me and close the issue once and for all. I would suggest not to think this as some petty matter and disregard.

Hope Zerodha keeps up their old time reputation and takes care of aggreived customer.

Warm Regards,
Zerodha UserID: YB7823

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