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Nitin Gupta commented on 24 Jan 2018, 02:56 PM

Hi Nithin

A pivot to a company’s success is its customer centricity. Customer support team and its behaviour towards calls from clients is first glimpse of how much a company believes in customer centricity. Unfortunately, most of my interactions with Zerodha’ support team has left me wondering whether these guys are even trained in attending customer calls or not. My concerns are as follows a.. Habit of customer support team to talk more and listen less b. interrupt the caller repeatedly c. becoming rude and raising voice . d.The biggest concern is that even if a customer support personal doesn’t understands the problem or client is facing an issue with the customer support personal, the customer support personal will not transfer the call to their supervisor. Furthermore, there is no issue escalation mechanism, all you can do is to write to same support team who has ,in first place, treated your call improperly. Can you please look into this by a. setting up an issue escalation mechanism b. ensuring that call support team has to take a customer feedback on quality of support offered after completion of call c. Ensuring that a person can talk to senior person as and when required

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