Comment on ZT - Reset or Change Passwords/2FA

Ajay Patil commented on 23 Jan 2018, 08:17 AM

Hi Nithin,

I am really upset with zerodha team now day. Because.
I have never requested you to change bank account details.
How can your team change bank account details(as you know how much this important).

this is the second time your team is doing like this.
how can we trust zerodha.? revert it.

.As this is the second time you guys are doing.
1. First time your team has updated some other address to my address (without my request) i.e. also some MadyaPradesh address which is irrelvent to me.
2.Now you guys are changing my bank account details without my request.

I am feeling now. how can i trust Zerodha ? if i didn’t saw this message ,what would have been happened ? I am wondering

below is the message i got from below mutual fund(which is in zerodha)
Your request for change of bank account details in folio XXXXX/XXX has been processed.
A confirmation will be sent to you shortly.

Ajay Patil

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