Comment on Introducing Streak - Algo trade without coding

Ankit Purohit commented on 21 Jan 2018, 01:32 PM

I will leave tool praises aside, the tool without doubt best of any other broker offering in India.

Now coming to feedback/feature request:

Since announcement, I have back tested a lot of strategies which normally works well in real life however fails miserably on streak mostly due to incomplete exit strategy.

I would be more happy if exit and stop losses are based on logic/conditions rather than % as calculation of percentage in each stock is difficult. Since the program is under testing, I would be happy to see if you put logical exit (both target and stop loss). This will definitely benefit traders like me who follow rules and exit when certain conditions are met or breached.

Also, if possible, add conditions such as volume breakout etc. which normally supercede technical conditions and are far more successful.

Also, if possible, provide few more tested strategies which people can use and tweak with requirements, that will encourage people to participate.

Last, if possible, provide a platform where such strategies can be shared with others to help the community (I know tradingQ&A already exist but too many threads).

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