Comment on Zerodha Partner Program - Refer Clients

Satish Dhote commented on 19 Jan 2018, 09:22 AM

I faced same issue, I referred Mr. Saurabh Dixit some ~6 to ~8 months ago, assuming that he will be added into my referral client list I didn’t cross verify. Some days back I have observed that he is not part of my referral client list and I’m not getting any referral benefits.

Zerodha team says that there is no information of your as introducer, on Mr.SAURABH DIXIT account, hence it will not be considered for the referral mapping.

Since I didn’t get any email about referring client, I don’t have any proof to show. I asked Zerodha team to check audit logs in the system 2 days back, but could not get any response.
Even my friend(Saurabh whom I referred) complained about the same that he was referred by me and during joining also he mentioned my name that I should get all referral benefits.

Not sure it is a problem with Zerodha system or it is a human error but I must get all the transaction benefits done by Mr Saurabh till date.

Please help to address this asap.

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