Comment on ZT-Spread Orders

ratan commented on 15 Jan 2018, 12:50 AM

suppose i trade the below spread order:
buy 1 lot jan nifty @10690
sell 1 lot feb nifty @10710
for the above trades the combined required margin is approx 16k (span calculator) and individual margin is 90k each.
but while placing the orders i will be placing the orders separately, so do i need to require to have full 90 k margin while placing the first order and then after placing the second order the combined margin will drop to 16k?

wont i be able to purchase the above spread if i have 20k?

also i want to know that suppose i purchase the first order as mis, and then the 2nd one also mis. then will it be considered as spread order and also will i be able to convert it to normal afterwards (considering that i have 20k funds available only)?

thanks in advance.

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