Comment on ZT-View Holdings

Sunilsinh Dahima commented on 14 Jan 2018, 02:42 AM

and please do something about this issue. We don’t have any personal advisor in Zerodha. Only our portfolio holdings are assurance to us. It will be very helpful for your all clients if you give complain help centre 24*7. Yes no broker firm is providing it but it will be very very helpful for new investors like me. We invest our most of savings with trust on Zerodha and when this type of errors happens it disturbs is very much. And pls update your mobile apps. And add some features where we can see our past transactions so we can be assure that demat holdings is not visible due to some errors and it will be corrected soon. In present app this error makes us feel like we lost our all investments. And this is scary for new investors like me. Otherwise I feel Zerodha is the best trading platform in present time because of its transparent and less brokerage charges. I also have an account in Motilal and it’s brokerage charges are very costly compare to Zerodha but in Motilal we don’t face this type of errors and they provide us a personal advisor so it feels more secured and standard. This is like bank account. We can only see our money on screen in account balance. So this holdings disappearance error is very disturbing for us. I hope Zerodha will find a way to correct it permanently.

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