Comment on ZT-View Holdings

Sunilsinh Dahima commented on 13 Jan 2018, 09:25 PM

Hello Mr Kamath..

I am Sunilsinh Dahima,
Zerodha client id YK4551.

Today when I opened my Zerodha kite app. I checked my portfolio and my all demat holdings are disappeared. Only my last trading of 1 lac Uttam Value steels is there. My other around 4 lac Rs stock holdings are disappeared from my account. I am worried why this happened???? I am very very disturbed by this. Where my all money gone? Why there is no customer service facility on week days? How irresponsible this is!!! Now where should I complain??? Where should I call? Do I have to wait until Monday when market opens ???? Mr Kamath.. this is really bad. You should give us complain facility 24*7. How can i feel secured in Zerodha when my all holdings goes disappeared ???? Please contact me as soon as possible. Fortunately I have all details saved as screenshots of my investments through Zerodha. Otherwise your this error can damage your client badly. I don’t know how I will pass my time until my problem is solved. Please check and clarify as soon as you get this message. I also wrote this to Zerodha support.

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