Comment on Margins- 2 Exit orders for 1 position

Anand commented on 07 Jan 2018, 10:46 AM

Consider a given scenario: current market price of stock A=100, Want to put a stop loss at 95 , book a profit when market hits 105.
Now my question is: Do I need to follow the below steps in subsequent manner?
1. First buy the stock at 100.
2. Put a stop loss at 95 by putting a sell order with SL(target 95, price say 94.5)
3. Book a profit at 105 by putting a seperate sell order with sell limit sell at 105.
i. And if this is right what happens to my stop loss order if the market value of stock crosses 105?
ii. what happens to my sell at limit order if the market value of stock jumps down to 95?
How will I act?
If you could please explain it briefly.

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