Comment on Taxation for Traders - Introduction

Vinod commented on 06 Jan 2018, 10:44 AM

Sorry If this question has already been asked or if this isn’t a portal for asking these questions in the first place. But, it would be great if I can get an answer to the question below:

Suppose I invested in Equity MF scheme say “A” on Jan 01, 2018 with 10,000 Rs and suppose after 5 Months on June 01, 2018, I add 20,000 Rs more to the same MF scheme “A” (same folio) , when does the short term/long term capital gains switch-over happen? Is it on Jan 01, 2019 or June 01, 2019? Or is it based on the amount that gets withdrawn (Is partial withdrawal even possible ?)? . It would be great if some light can be shed on this aspect as well.

I could not find this information on the “Markets and Taxation” module and also in a quick google search.


P.S. Great work you guys, making financial markets and education accessible to common man!

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