Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Fahad Malik commented on 28 Oct 2014, 11:27 PM

Sometime i see Ami coding, i just become restless. 🙁
We are here to trade for money or to train our coding skills.
Ami is no doubt most advanced Trading software available on planet.
But are we so much advanced???

Just like driving Ferrari with CNG Kit. 😛 😛
And feel like we are aware of Ami, and now become much technically sound on Coding …. Lol
We buy Ami for enhancing our coding skills or for trading 😛 😛

Simple indian Trader just want simple platform(Expected: Zerodha pi) and simple trades to earn and can support his/her family. No one is going to become Warren Buffet after knowing all the coding skills…its the harsh reality but its the truth….If you want to become another Warren Buffet, then be committed for trading, not for coding. Think Logically not technically.

Thats why i have high expectation for Pi and i think Pi will create the new success records in Indian Trading.

To be a professional trader, you dont need to be a coding expert, but to be a good human being with in-depth knowledge of the market. No book or no subscription(Signal) package will help you to make you the millionaire.

Atleast i think Zerodha will break this misconception and by seeing the success of Zerodha, i can say that Zerodha will be the new market leader in upcoming year.

One more suggestion i want to share with Nithin only 😛 that it will definitely help the indian trader to do trades more frequently and boost some extra bucks to our pocket.

Nithin didnt replied to my long essay type query 🙁 , but he is consistently managing the forum and the zerodha team…Superb Guy

1. Fibonacci Extension ,Fibonacci Retracement , ABCD,XABCD pattern….
2. EMA, Stochastic,Bollinger, Parabolic Sar,RSi……
3. Candle Chart,line chart
4. 1,5,15,30,1hr Chart
5. EOD, Weekly, monthly Chart yearly Chart,
6. Drawing Tools
7. Order placement on Chart by dragging
8. Lot adjustment on chart for targets
9. Stoploss movement on Chart by dragging
10. Buy/Sell pending order movement on chart by dragging.
11. Chart Background color( I like white Background and red-Green Candles 🙂 )
12. No need of 3D Candles(waste of extra advantage feature)
13. Bank Link for transferring the funds and Funds View available on trading account
14. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report on email
15. Trade book, executed order, pending order, net position….
16. Simple coding and backtesting if needed.

This is my only requirement for trading. Zerodha Pi will fulfil all this.

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