Comment on Pi - Overview and Feedback

Hems commented on 28 Oct 2014, 06:05 PM

Hi Nithin,

I agree with Farhad Malik with the tools he suggested as a trader…++ few more what as a intraday trader i feel important which will help ALL the traders.

1) Need Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Extension Tool.

2) Order placed directly on Chart

3) Pending Order can be moved by dragging on chart

4) Lot size can be decided on Chart

5) Stoploss can be moved by dragging.

6) can decide how many lot to be executed on Targets
1,5,15,30,1hr, Daily Chart

7)Drawing Tools like, horizontal-vertical lines, Text box visible on the chart itself for easy access.

8) Risk managable tool OR setting which IF the trader wants can set his risk per trade.

9) Bracket orders for Nifty futures and CNX Indexes.

10) Chart Bracket Order placement with ALL values auto filled in..Entry , Stop Loss and Target value ++ the position size too.

11) Text and tools marked on the chart which can be carried forward on the lower time frame charts and not on the higher time frame.

12) Alerts for trading that should be attached to the login and not to the system….meaning if i have put alert on my home computer through my login….THEN those alerts should be available or accessed from my office system also. Alerts should not be restricted to the system .

13) An option when a trader logs in… few questions before he starts trading asked to ALL intraday traders that 1) Are you feeling low / nervous / angry / frustrated OR are you feeling nice / good / happy….if the answer is YES to low feeling…A WARNING SHOULD BE POPPED UP SAYING…do not trade today. If he answers i am feeling good…. have a pop up of wishing good luck for his trading from Zerodha.

14) Chart zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse.

Warm Regards to ALL Zerodha Team.


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