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Kiran Yadav commented on 22 Dec 2017, 09:35 PM

There are lots of bug in there KITE app (Software). Very frequently they are showing inconsistent price (Some times High from actual and some times Low from your actual price). So, there is always a chances of loss due to inconsistent information.
lots of trouble to understand contract notes of your daily transaction.
1)- You should show the buy and sell difference with sign i.e if buy value is 100 and sell value is 110 then total of buy and sell will be 10 but if buy value is 100 and sell value is 90 then total is -10 (Negative : But In contract notes you are showing positive in both case so its difficult to understand if I have not remember my previous day trade and we have to recalculate to know on which stock I was in Loss, If no of transaction is more then difficult to recalculate).
2)-If I did MIS on particular stocks and some of them I squire of and some converted to CNC, then your contract note not much clear. So, better if you did separate MIS and CNC stocks (On same contract note).
3)- If I have some stock in my holding and I have sold it (from CNC) and same day buy back then my CNC stock average price should not be updated because it is treated as MIS transaction.
Today I have faced problem because of that issue and I end up with Rs 6000 Loss. Tell you How?

1) I have buy LUMAXTECH stock at avg price of Rs 835 (Day 1).
2) Next day (Day 2), I have sell my CNC stock at avg Rs 860 and by back at Rs 856. In contract note you have treated that transaction as MIS and I get profit as (860 – 856) * no of stock.
but next day (day 3), My avg price in CNC is Rs 856 but It should be Rs 835 because on day 2 you have given the profit from day 2 buy and sell value. So, my CNC avg price should be unchanged.
Because of that inconsistent information I have ended up with loss.

Please Look in to that issue and resolved as soon as possible. Because the information must be real and correct to take instant decision in stock market (To get correct profit/Loss).

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