Comment on Kite 3.0 - Everything just got better!

Venkatesh V commented on 19 Dec 2017, 05:56 PM

Hi Matti,

great to know that you would fix the up/down arrows issue…

market status is good to have, still can live without that…

thumnail sparkline on mw I cannot understand why would it go against design? very first you have space and second thing is one has to click the big chart only when he wanted to see more in detail as one can see the intraday trend already on the sparkline chart….think from the peoples who trade from mobile browsers or mobile apps, clicking to get detail charts is always over killing? do find a point what I say?

beiive me the other player in market do provide thumbnail sparkline charts on mw

I’m sure majority of the mobile users sure will agree that I say?

you must consider this option to make your app to meet its best of requirements satisfying all type of users


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