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Prashant Sonawane commented on 15 Dec 2017, 12:24 PM

Hello Nitin,

I am a user of kite as well as coin. Recently purchased the mutual funds worth Rs. 40000 via coin, in 4 MF, and planned to make the similar purchases every month. But I am facing some issues due to which I am very much disappointed and really worried about the security of my investment.

1. I think Zerodha, as part of my purchase, sent my KYC details to CkycIndia. CKycIndia sent an email to for confirmation of my kyc containing my details. To my surprise, the kyc details that you have sent to them was not correct. The details are mine but the *photograph* was not. You ask for all details, including photo, pan card aadhar number and etc then how can you make such a big mistake to attach the photograph of some other person. When contacted CKYC then mentioned that only zerodha can file the kyc again and they cannot do anything from their side.

I filed the ticket on 13th Dec 17 but there is no response yet.

2. Though coin web site mentions that you have allocated the MF but I did not received any mail from AMC on confirmation. Am I not suppose to expect confirmation emails from fund houses? Is there any other way, apart from coin, to know that I am really invested in said mutual funds?

Please resolve my issues soon.


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