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Venkat commented on 14 Dec 2017, 09:55 PM

While it is a nice, feel-good thing to say all great things, let me add here a personal note on what my experience has been so far.

I wanted to test drive Zerodha as it is a ‘next-gen’ platform that offers lower expenses for trading and MFs.

I have been trying out your platform for almost a year now.

My observations:

1. Your platform (compared to other ‘popular one’ – you know which) is NOT intuitive. One has to struggle to find the menu option where a specific feature is located. It’s all fine to call it a ‘minimalist’ interface etc…but then, the proof is in the pudding.
2. With a very small number of transactions I have executed in both segments (MFs, equity), I have had two instances when the intended trade didn’t happen. In one case, I ordered a specific MF option (dividend payout), but got allotment in dividend reinvestment. In another case, I got an email about a REDEMPTION transaction in an MF that I didn’t even own any units. The responses I got from your support has been far from reassuring.

Such instances and the responses I got so far makes me feel that your platform has some inherent issues even after all these years. May be it is not for the average investor?

Sorry for being blunt – but I thought I must share this feedback.


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